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Helping You Thrive, Not Starve

Building a compilation of resources so you don't have to make the mistakes yourself

Who exactly is this site for?

We started this blog to help freelancers and creative businesses struggling to run their own businesses achieve clarity and career succcess. We know very well that when reality strikes, it hits hard. Running your own business is no child’s play.

The blog is aimed to provide the right platform, tools and information to get you past that business hurdle.

Whether it’s getting more clients, balancing your lifestyle or charging what you’re worth, we want to offer solid, actionable advice that you can apply immediately to get you closer to your business goals.

How do I use this site?

Check out the articles written by us or by guest experts, download resources and tools or simply get inspired by some of the outstanding talent interview stories we feature.

Why did you guys start this?

Years ago, going to school, getting good grades ,’following the rules’ and paying your dues promised you a fulfilling career. The world is starkly different now and it’ll continue to move further away from that.

We wanted to create a platform to help millennials make that transition into running their own micro-enterprises and charting their own paths.

eugene cheng highspark

Eugene Cheng


Eugene started freelancing at 19  and transitioned into running presentation design training and consulting firm: HighSpark serving Fortune 500 companies like Panasonic, Dentsu, Nike.

Connect with him via Linkedin, Facebook, Email

Chang Jun Gram

Ho Chang Jun (CJ)

Expert Contributor

CJ started motion animation at 18 as a freelancer to help clients educate their target audience. He now runs the team at Gram, a video and animation company that helps businesses boost sales, with clients like DBS, Bain & Co.

Connect with him via LinkedinFacebookEmail