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Author: Eugene Cheng

14 Steps To Start Freelancing Successfully

The prospect of becoming your own boss and ‘doing what you love’ is extremely attractive. As a freelancer, you’re able to get real close to that, but it does come with its share of drawbacks. No longer will you have someone else telling you what to do, every decision can determine whether you’ll see a good month for your business or lead it into a consistent struggle to survive. Back when I first started out as a 19-year old freelancer it was a nerve-wracking experience. The freedom to do whatever I wanted was great, but it also left me...

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Why You Should Consider Freelancing as a Career Option in Singapore

With the rise of the Gig Economy, numerous articles have been written debating about its pros and cons. A Straits Times report stated that: “There were about 180,000 people working primarily as freelancers as of June 2016”. We’re seeing some people getting into flexible part-time work doing deliveries for operators like Honestbee and others providing dog sitting and dog walking services in their spare time. In fact, some even take it full-time. This is at odds with the paper-chase culture here in Singapore, where you go to school for a number of years, attain a coveted paper qualification and...

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Expert Interview: Ronald Lye
With Only $108 In The Bank, He Now Runs Top Copywriting Agency

Interview with Ronald Lye, Director at Ronald is the Director of Wordplay Singapore, a Persuasive Marketing Service/Training provider that started out as a copywriting agency. He helps entrepreneurs and business owners increase their return on investment from their marketing. How did you get into doing your copywriting agency? What made you get into it? After graduating from university, I started working for about two years as a corporate employee. Needless to say, I hated my job and everything about it. At the time I felt pretty apprehensive about whether I could find a way out of this.  ...

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Expert Interview: Richard Lee
Freelance Illustrator Lives His Passion Drawing For Big Clients

Interview with Richard Lee, Illustrator at Pok, Pok & Away Richard is a Singaporean freelance illustrator with a background in architecture, and currently working at DP Architects. He counts the Singapore Tourism Board, Maritime Port and Authority, BLACK, Supermama, Chuan Pictures , MUJI, Shell and SunnyHills as his clients for his illustration work. He has also published a book entitled “Sayang Singapura”, which is a compilation of the lost and evolving landscapes of a rapidly changing Singapore.    1. What made you decide to get into your current line of work? I have been drawing since a young age and...

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Expert Interview: Joseph Ho
SEO Specialist Now Runs Digital Marketing Agency After 5 Failed Businesses

Interview with Joseph Ho, Founder at E-Alchemists Joseph Ho is an SEO Specialist and Blogger at E-Alchemists, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Singapore. He runs a few websites on the side like food blog: that has thousands of monthly visitors. He started out his career in network marketing and subsequently moved into doing Search Engine Optimisation.    1. What were you doing before you decided to start your business? When I was 18, my parents started a business. Being exposed to this really got me interested in being in a business owner and finding my calling in life.  ...

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