I’m a big fan and believer in inbound marketing. For those uninitiated, the art of inbound involves clients and prospective customers reaching out to you rather than the other way round (outbound).

Cold calling has never worked well for our consultancy, and to be honest, nobody likes cold calling anyway. As such, our company invests resources heavily in inbound initiatives like content marketing, SEO and the like.

When we first discovered CallPage, the software’s promise to increase inbound sales by 75% seemed almost too good to be true. More than six months into using the software, I’m happy to say that we are converts to the massive potential of inbound calls as a sales tool.

What is this CallPage thing?

callpage call widget demo example

Based out of San Francisco and Krakow, CallPage is a Saas startup that uses technology and human interaction to empower businesses to nurture customer relationships to eventually grow revenue. How it works is pretty simple:

  1. Customer visits your website and browses all the different pages to find information about your company and its offerings.
  2. Based on pre-configured triggers, the CallPage plugin prompts with either an inconspicuous alert or one that fills the whole screen to offer a free callback to your prospective visitor – in under 28 seconds flat.

Basically, it assumes that any visitor that has gotten to your website and performed a couple of actions automatically becomes a potential customer or prospect. By engaging these potential leads, you, in turn, increase your closing rates and sales overall.

The system lets the prospect key in his or her email and number to request a free callback that gets arranged automatically via the CallPage system.

Simple right? Till date, I’m still befuddled by how seamless this process is. How it works is pure genius!

When someone keys in their number on your widget (that takes about 5 minutes to install depending on your website setup), the CallPage system immediately dials into the lines of managers assigned to the widget till one picks up a call. Note, at this moment, your potential customer is still waiting until the 28-second mark.

After one manager picks up the call – he listens to a quick 3-second recording of a CallPage robot saying: “You are now receiving a call via CallPage” before dialing into the customer’s landline or mobile phone.

From the lead’s perspective, it’s as though someone is just calling them almost immediately after they request the call – they usually end up with a pleasant surprise at the efficiency and are more receptive to the phone call.

Want to give it a test run? Visit this link: https://cpnow.me/d/0AxV to test the widget live.

Why it works so well in getting you qualified customers, ready to buy

CallPage works because the process is backed by science and research.

callpage explainer video

Getting in touch when it matters most

In a study pointed out by Siriusdecisions, today’s B2B customers perform roughly two thirds (67%) of the buying process online. Customers on your website are likely to already be half-way through the buying cycle if they have an immediate requirement. Sometimes, just a phone call can result in a quick deal.

If they’ve taken the action of initiating the call via the widget, it’s very likely they have a pressing need for what you offer that is compelling them to reach out for more information. That said, less than 5% of potential customers that visit your site will take time to fill out your contact form and provide full information – a call is just that much more convenient.

Outreach just in time

The CallPage system helps to not only reduce the barriers to getting information for the customer but the speedy response it arranges also positions the company as a strong service provider. According to a lead response time study in DemandGen’s 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey: addressing customer product inquiries timely can provide a significant competitive advantage.

CallPage lets you address these challenges without any action on your end except picking up the call. We’ve had numerous instances when a customer called in – impressed by the speed of the callback and subsequently became a client without looking at other providers.

There will be instances where you can circumvent the process of a vendor search by being timely with information, providing signals of quality and following up almost immediately after for further meetings.

No-frills features that accelerate success in B2B sales

callpage pricing

1. Setup in 5 minutes or less

Our site is hosted on WordPress and the process was pretty simple to get started. We simply had to install a single plugin, key in our API code into the plugin and insert a code into the header section. Shortly after, we made some call-to-action customizations in the CallPage control panel and we were ready to run.

2. 100% Mobile-responsive

There are other providers of on-site support messaging or call services like Intercom and such. Problem is, few of them actually work on Mobile – which is where most users visit websites from nowadays. CallPage thankfully works great on Mobile with a not-so-obtrusive button to request callbacks when the user is ready.

3. Customizable widget (visuals, text, timings)

callpage customizable visual widget

example of visual branding on callpage

CallPage lets you edit the look-and-feel, text callouts, buttons and even the timings of when the widget appears. These settings are all available with the CallPage dashboard and are pretty easy to setup.

4. Seamless call-routing

call-routing based on timing

As mentioned previously, customers only get a single call from the first manager that picks up the call from CallPage’s scheduler, whilst behind the scenes, the app can simultaneously dial numerous call managers at the same time to reduce waiting time.

5. Call recording and time-tracking

callpage dashboard for tracking and analyzing calls

callpage dashboard for tracking and analyzing calls

Every call is recorded and itemized within a specific dashboard that can integrate directly with your companies CRM to provide information to an attending salesperson or company owner.

6. International incoming calls are free

This feature is not advertised, but if you were concerned with the crazy charges that would come from international calls, the CallPage system routes the calls digitally so that both parties don’t have to pay any extra fees to do the call. You’ll only need to service your monthly fees to CallPage and that’s it! In fact, you can create your own callpage link to schedule calls overseas to avoid those fees yourself!

7. Built-in SMS notifications

Users can configure notifications for both the caller and the manager handling the call. One to thank the caller for his or her time and one to notify the manager of details of the potential customer respectively. This can be useful especially for calls that happen to fall through the cracks of the system or become forgotten.

API Integrations with popular software

callpage software integrations

Although CallPage can work great as a single application, there’s no reason why you can’t use it in conjunction with other great apps available online. CallPage now integrates with more than 20 different applications from analytic applications and CRMs like Google Analytics and Infusionsoft to mail autoresponders like GetResponse or MailChimp.

Some of our favourite CallPage integrations are:

  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Joomla
  • Google Analytics
  • Infusionsoft
  • GetResponse
  • Zendesk
  • HubSpot
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Salesforce
  • Freshdesk
  • Slack
  • Pipedrive

New features in 2018: Facebook Lead Ads and Mobile App

CallPage is also consistently adding new features to enable users to do much more with their already robust application.

Facebook Leads Ad Integration

callpage facebook ads integration features review

This particular integration lets you ‘acquire sales calls directly from Facebook and Instagram ads in real time’. In other words, if a prospect fills up his or her number into your form, they’ll get connected to a sales rep via CallPage in 28 seconds or less. Since Facebook is one of the largest ad channels available till date(and also one of the most affordable) – it’s a no-brainer to start using this for your business.

CallPage Mobile App

callpage review of mobile app

Get a high-level view of call statistics, how managers are performing as well as access to missed calls all in a convenient mobile dashboard. Personally, I’ve been using the online dashboard dominantly before this came out. There might be a few features here that will be useful on-the-go, but deeper customizations should still be done on your computer in my opinion.

Verdict: Value for money if you’re in Inbound B2B sales

Our company has been using CallPage for more than 6 months now and we’ve gotten at least more than 10 clients worth 5-figures in revenue through the application. A number of these clients chose us almost immediately without looking at another provider because of the instant response. For the $59 fee every month, it’s a no-brainer to continue using.

That said, it’s obvious that although this worked great for us, it might not work as well for every type of business. For instance, if your company has a dedicated support team for software applications and you’re thinking of offering support via CallPage, a LiveChat service like Intercom might be a better option.

There were instances where a few calls we got were difficult to hear because of the digital connection – it’s almost like we were using Skype to call via our cell phones, and nothing beats a direct mobile call in terms of clarity. That said, more than 8 out of 10 of the calls were clear enough for us to gather information and have a good conversation.

We also had some customers email us to remark that the pop-up became a little intrusive after a while of browsing the site. A few of these pop-up settings are slightly more difficult to configure on the dashboard if you’re new to using the application.

Using the application, it’s worked almost seamlessly for us so far apart from a few visual errors whenever the team updates their CSS. However, they’re usually able to resolve these quickly after a quick support chat.

If you’re in a B2B company looking to increase your inbound leads via calls – consider investing in CallPage.

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